Some call him Big Jim

Whether it’s a head-turning car ride around town in the classic 1935 Buick, a night out on the town or just a day trip to some favourite places, Jim will make your journey as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. He’s reliable, knowledgeable, and ready to go the extra vintage mile. 

Jim is a classic Buick enthusiast and retro chauffeur with a modern twist. He’s an out-of-the-ordinary man with a passion for vintage cars and a commitment to service. Jim has been driving classic cars for over 40 years and has never given up on his passion.

Jim takes great pride in his cars and loves showing them off. He also takes great care in maintaining the vehicles, often consulting with experts on repairs and restoration.

Jim from Unexpected Things
Jim from Unexpected Things

At home with Retro-Jim

Fondly known as Retro-Jim to family and friends, Jim has a vast knowledge of vintage cars and spends hours tinkering away, adding to his collection. Jasmine, his wife, often assists him in restoring the cars, making them look even more authentically beautiful.

You can tell Jim loves every minute of driving his classic Buick around town. He has a unique way of turning heads and bringing smiles to the faces of those around him. His enthusiasm for cars is infectious, and you’ll soon find yourself drawn in by the sheer love of driving the open road in a vintage car.

Make sure to reach out to Jim; you won’t regret it because the experience is unexpected, delightful and memorable.

For a chauffeur-driven experience, Retro-Jim is your man.

Regal beginnings: something for Buick enthusiasts

Jim’s Buick is a star of the classic car world – and it all started when its owner, the proprietor of the Regal Theatre in Perth, Australia, bought it new back in 1935. From there on out, this timeless ride transported actors and staff through Subiaco looking as dapper as ever. After passing hands, two more times, this iconic automobile came into the possession of Jim, who lovingly preserves its original look with great care.

Unexpected Things 1935 Buick

Under the hood

The 1935 Buick Straight 8 40 series is an iconic vintage car cruising the roads since its first release. Its timeless beauty and reliable performance make it a favourite among vintage car enthusiasts who appreciate its history and nostalgia.

A robust in-line eight-cylinder engine powers the 1935 Buick Straight 8 40 series. The engine produces 105 horsepower and features a three-speed manual transmission. This powerful engine was powerful for its day, allowing the Buick to reach up to 97 miles (122 km) per hour, ensuring a smooth, effortless ride. These days, however, we cruise around at a leisurely 80km per hour.

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